Registration is open!

Shakuhachi camp of the rockies group photo.

Registration Fees:

  • Early-bird Registration Fee: $400
  • Registration Fee after May 1, 2017: $450
  • Special Tuition for Absolute Beginners (Brand new to the shakuhachi) Coming to Camp for the First Time:: $300
  • Registration Fee after May 1, 2017: $350
  • Tuition costs are to paid by check or Paypal.
  • Lodging and dining costs are not included in this fee.


To register as a 2017 Shakuhachi Camp participant:

  1. First make payment by Paypal or Check.
    1. Paypal address: USDs
    2. Checks USD made payable to: 'Shakuhachi Summer Camp of the Rockies'

    3. Mail USA checks to: Cory Sperry, Rockies Shakuhachi Camp 2017, 416 Utica Ave., Boulder, CO USA 80304
  2. Copy the questions below, paste and answer the following questions.
  3. Email this
  4. Subject line:“2017 Shakuhachi Camp REGISTRATION"


Registration Questions:

  1. Name:
  2. Mailing Address:
  3. Email Address:
  4. Phone Number:
  5. Player Level: Complete Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced
  6. Arrival Date:
  7. Departure Date:
  8. May 31stPre-festival Concert in Boulder:
    1. Will Attend
    2. Will Not Attend (delete one)
    3. You may arrive in Boulder as early as May 30th. You are responsible for your own lodging (hotel, hostel, homestay, etc.) for this night.

  9. Total Paid and Check Number or Paypal Transaction Number:
  10. Your Shakuhachi Experience:
    1. Style
    2. Genre
    3. Length of Study
    4. Etc
  11. A short self introduction to other “Campers” in a fewsentences:
    1. Describe yourself
    2. Your shakuhachi life
    3. Your hopes and goal for shakuhachi camp


Registration and Cancellation Policy:Please send in your registration information and feebefore May 1st.

  • Cancellation Fees:
  • After May 1st: $100
  • After May 15th: $150
  • No refund after May 31st, except in emergencies.


Lodging: You need to book your lodging directly with Sunrise Ranch.

Participants are responsible for making their own lodging plans, by registering directly with Sunrise Ranch at the bottom oftheir page. HERE

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