Camp Information

Getting To Sunrise Ranch

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, it is about one and a half hours north of Denver and well served by ground transport out of Denver International Airport, bringing conference participants directly to their door. Their address is: 100 Sunrise Ranch Road, Loveland Colorado 80538.

Super Shuttle

Please contact Super Shuttle at 970-482-0505 and ask them for their service directly to Sunrise Ranch Conference and Retreat Center.  You can save $2 when booking online at  Please note when booking that the zip code for Sunrise Ranch is 80538 and that we are located WEST of Glade Road.

Car Rental

Sunrise has a corporate account with Enterprise Rent-a-Car – 1-800-325-8007

For details, call Sunrise: 877-SUN(786)-0078; 970-679-4200 or fax 970-679-4247

Driving Directions To Sunrise Ranch

Their address is 100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland, CO 80538 

Cell Phone Reception

Please be advised that, generally, only AT&T cell phones work at our location.

More About Sunrise Ranch

Accommodations are at Sunrise Ranch

  Welcoming guests has been a central activity at Sunrise Ranch since we came to this valley in 1945. It is our pleasure to invite you to our community to share the atmosphere of home, as you bring your own workshop or event here.

A variety of sparkling clean accommodations are available just a one or two minute walk from meeting rooms, dining and the hiking trails. From three bedroom suites, to single, double and triple rooms, we take great care to provide your group with the overnight setting that will enhance your conference work.

Guest Rooms

Step into one of their wonderful guest rooms and it’s as if you are returning home. All the rooms are uniquely decorated by staff to give you a sense of being in a family home and not a chain hotel.  Staff take housekeeping to a different level at Sunrise, a level of care, comfort and relaxing peace that lets you know you are home.

Most of the guest spaces offer European-style shared baths and they also offer some full apartments with kitchen and private bath amenities.

They have single, double, triple, and dorm rooms along with apartments.  We also have limited camping space available just east and also north of our accommodations building. 

Sunrise Ranch Overnight Rates

Accommodation rates, ranging from $77-$119/night, are inclusive per person per 24-hour period. Overnight accommodations include:

Three wholesome meals

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks

Food At Sunrise Ranch

Nourishing And Delicious Meals

Sunrise Ranch provides meals for our camp and the Sunrise community.

They purchase our chicken, lamb, and pork from people they know who live in their area.  They raise their own Grassfed beef. They believe that freshness and personal relationship are the best quality control they can provide.  Their system ensures that our food, from beginning to end, is honored and respected.  Their food producers do not use hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides.  The vegetables they serve are either grown at Sunrise Ranch or purchased from small, local farms, as much as the growing season will allow.

Food Preparation

They use traditional wisdom in our menu planning to preserve the life force present in food. They use healthful foods such as bone broth, homemade soups, legumes, leafy greens, raw vegetables including sprouts, coconut milk, and homemade salad dressings.  They do not use canola oil, and they limit desserts to a few times per week.  They make most of their own bread, and they make their own granola.  Being a kitchen that serves the public, they maintain the high sanitation standards of their local health department.

Special Diets

They can offer vegetarian, vegan, wheat-free, and dairy-free diets when requested at least two weeks before the conference.

They can sometimes accommodate attendees with other dietary needs, including allergies. Please contact Sunrise Ranch in advance to inquire about any special arrangements. If they are unable to accommodate special requests, those guests must provide their own food.

Please contact then in advance of your arrival at 877-786-0078 or 970-679-4200 if you have dietary needs beyond their generous selection of standard diets.  Additional costs may apply if applicable and necessary.


Coffee, tea, fruit and trail mix are served in the dining room for morning snacks. Afternoon snacks include fruit, a variety of cookies and/or other assorted goodies. 

Basic Ground Rules for Classes and Individual Lessons

  • Audio/Video Recording of all classes and your      own individual lessons is permitted as long as it does not interfere with      the class or lesson.
  • Observing Classes      Regardless of Level All students may observe any breakout class they like.      However, they may not participate unless capable at the class level (eg.      an advanced class instructor will not make time for additional explanation      or instruction for beginners who choose to attend). 
  • Observing Individual      Lessons Individual lessons may be observed, but      joining in, interjecting questions, etc. is not permitted.

Individual Lesson Choices In order to ensure you get the most out of your Shakuhachi Camp experience, please email your choices for individual lesson pieces in advance to <>. Making changes later is acceptable. 

Extra Highlights of Shakuhachi Camp

  • One Piece, One Story As a special 21th Shakuhachi Camp event, each faculty member will perform one piece and tell      the story behind its significance, both personal, musical and/or      historical contexts.
  • Sunrise Ro-buki (long tone blowing of RO      ) to greet the sun at      Moon Rock above Sunrise Ranch
  • Duet Night All students and      faculty gather to play multi-part arrangements of pieces, mostly not      traditional Japanese, but also including some Honkyoku duets, etc.
  • Student Concert All students      participate in this concert, playing the piece of their choice, either solo      or ensemble (which includes some group pieces for absolute beginners and beginners).
  • After-hours Bamboo Salon Get to know the faculty better and meet your new camper friends at the after-hours social hosted by faculty (honor system cash bar J). 
  • Morning Yoga